Debuts in Max!
Species Umbreon
Gender Male
Ability Synchronize
Nature Gentle
Age 15
Current location Unknown
This Pokémon is fully evolved.

Max is the actual Umbreon-morphic character of art series of Pokémorphs.


Max is a very gentle and intelligent Umbreon who is the twin cousin of Dil, another Umbreon-morph. Unlike other Umbreons, he was a bit taller and had fluffy cheeks. He appears to have clumps of hair. The shape and look of his head comes mostly from his unnamed father. In his first appearance, he wears glasses, has no clothes and wears a green scarf. Current versions of him wear a red shirt, purple pants with the large transparent triangle on the seat of it (which allow us to see his nude butt), and a yellow handkerchief.

In the gamesEdit

An Umbreon based on Max was distributed as a password at Yola's Super Jump Punch website (before it was moved to Webs due to a lack of membership features). It knows two moves it would not normally learn in-game, and it was also holding a Dread Plate, which changes Arceus' current type to Dark-type. In this distrubution, he is hacked.

Spr 5b 197
Held item:
Bag Dread Plate Sprite Dread Plate
Max Lv.25
Dark Void
Dark Status
Aura Sphere
Fighting Special
Psychic Special
Normal Physical